The First Choice for Tattoos and Art in Lindale, Texas

Under the Magnolia Tattoo & Gallery is located under the huge magnolia tree in a historic house near downtown Lindale, TX, founded by husband and wife Jaden and Cora Weisenberger in August 2020. Their goal is to bring art and one of a kind tattoos to the Lindale area while changing the way the East Texas perceives tattoos, tattoo artists, and tattoo shops. Both tattoo novices and collectors alike will be able to work with friendly, established, talented artists to receive one of a kind custom pieces that will last a lifetime featuring color, black and grey, cover ups, and/or scar coverups.  Under the Magnolia also offers monthly gallery showings featuring artists from all over the US with their art available to purchase and all of the money made goes directly to the artist who made the work. We also carry various clothing items, prints, paintings, and other merchandise. No matter what your tattoo need may be, we can help you. Stop by and speak to one of us, we would be happy to help.